International Structures

International Structures

International Joint Laboratories

AcronymTitleType of structureCountriesStartEndInvolvement
MINERWAFor a Responsible Mining Activity in West AfricaLMI IRD/DISCOFrance, Ivory Coast20192023Leader (D. Baratoux)
DYCOFACDynamics of Continental Ecosystems in Central Africa in the Context of Global ChangesLMI IRD/DISCOFrance, Cameroon, Gabon20182022Leader (J.J. Braun)
COPEDIMSediment and copperLMI IRD/DISCOFrance, Chile, Peru20122023Leader (S. Brichau)
REZOCStudy Center on Critical Zone and Water ResourcesLMI IRD/DISCOFrance, Benin, Mali, Niger20192023Partner
ECLAIRS 2Integrated Climate and Ocean Studies in West Africa and Responses to Climate ChangeLMI IRD/OCEANSFrance, Senegal20182022Partner
TAPIOCATropical Atlantic Interdisciplinary laboratory on physical, biogeochemical, ecological and human dynamics LMI IRD/OCEANSFrance, Brazil20182022Partner

International research networks

AcronymTitleType of structureCountriesStartEndInvolvement
RAINSMORERaincell and Other INnovations, Satellites and Opportunistic Measurements from Telecommunication Networks, for Rainfall Estimation and SpatializationIRN IRD/DISCOFrance, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Niger, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil20222025Leader (M. Gosset)
FALCOLFrench-Australian Research Network on the study of the Continental LithosphereIRN CNRSFrance, Australia20212025Leader (O. Vanderhaeghe)
LithoSudLithosphere SouthIRN IRD/DISCOFrance, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast20192022Leader (J. Ganne)
ANDESStudy of the Andean subduction and associated hazardsIRN IRD/DISCOFrance, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia20192022Leader (S. Bonvalot)

International Research Projects

AcronymTitleType of structureCountriesStartEndInvolvement
CEFIRSEFrench-Indian Project on Water ResearchIRP CNRSFrance, India20192024Leader (J. Riotte)
G2EFrom Geodynamics to Extreme EventsIRP CNRSFrance, Taiwan2021in progressLeader (F. Mouthereau)

Interdisciplinary and partnership structuring programs

AcrocymTitleType of structureCountryStartEndInvolvement
ClimatClimate changeCoSav IRDFrance, West Africa, Central & South America, Southeast Asia2021in progressPartner (M. Gosset)
GéoDGeoresources and SustainabilityCoSav IRDFrance, African Union, India & Southeast Asia, South & Central America2021in progressScientific Committee (L. Maurice)