Géoressources Contaminants Sociétés

Georesources & contaminants-environment-health Interactions

Studies leading to the evaluation of geological resources consist in elucidating the processes at the origin of mineral concentrations (hydrocarbons and metals) in the earth’s lithosphere, from the geodynamic context to the mechanisms at the mineral scale. How is a deposit formed and where is it formed? The exploitation of georesources is inevitably accompanied by impacts on the environment and human societies. One of the GET’s original features is to combine research on georesources with research on the fate of contaminants and the societal impact of mining and petroleum exploitation.

Structures involved in the laboratory

Research teamns
Georesources, Origin and Sustainable Management (G3)
Lithosphere – Inner Earth (TIL)
Hydro-Biogeochemistry of the Critical Zone (HBZC)
Stable Isotopes’ Geochemistry (GIS)
Experimental Geosciences (GeoExp)
Trans-disciplinary Scientific Axes
Marine Geosciences

International structures
LMI COPEDIM (leader)
LMI MINERWA (leader)
IRN LithoSud (leader)