Science Festival

Our researchers, teacher-researchers, and research support staff regularly take part in events for the general public, either through the laboratory’s open doors or via their regional networks.

From the smallest to the biggest – edition 2016

The laboratory opened its doors to present geological materials at all their scales.

Water observation – edition 2018

Our open doors welcomed about 50 visitors on different activities:

Olivier Vanderhaeghe

Deep and fossil waters
Guillaume Estrade et Cyrielle Bernard

Experimental river
Sébastien Carretier, Stéphane Bonnet, Vincent Regard, Léopold de Lavaissière et Frédéric Christophoul

Magnets in our rivers?
Mélina Macouin et Sonia Rousse

Greenhouse gases in our rivers!
Frédéric Guérin et Dominique Serça

On the feeling of discoveries – edition 2021

Scientific research is associated to many feelings when a new method, object and/or concept is discovered.

Yves Goddéris expliquant les climats passés de la Terre lors d’une rencontre avec le Grand Public.