Research framework

Research framework

Research themes

Earth Evolution and dynamics

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Space-based and in situ Earth observation

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Critical Zone & fluid-rock-living Interactions

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Georesources & contaminents-environment-health Interactions

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Research structures

Research Teams

Seven research teams focus on Earth Sciences (inner and outer Earth) and on Environmental Sciences (geochemistry, water cycle and its interactions with the Earth enveloppes and with the human societies).

  • ER1 – Georesources: Origin and Sustainable Management
  • ER2 – Inner Earth – Lithosphere (TIL)
  • ER3 – Space-based Geodesy & Geophysics (GGS)
  • ER4 – Lithosphere – Ocean – Atmosphere Couplings (LOA)
  • ER5 – Hydro-Biogeochemistry of the Critical Zone
  • ER6 – Stable Isotopes’ Geochemistry (GIS)
  • ER7 – Experimental Geosciences (GEOEXP)

Trans-disciplinary Scientific Axes

Six scientific axes group people using identical technics or methodologies. The axes aim to create synergies between people to sustain research and technical innovations.

International Networks

The research at the GET is supported by international networks aiming to favor long-term collaborations and to develop large-scale projects.

National Observation Services

Thanks to the Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, the GET actively participates to different national observation services, to the International Gravimetric Office, to the GNSS national network, and to the IODP.