Suivi d’activités volcaniques et tectoniques par interférométrie radar

Research Infrastructures

ECORD – IODPDiscovering the oceansCoordinator IODP France (G. Ceuleener)
EMSO-FRStudying lithosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere interaction processes at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 37°N Atlantic Ocean)Partner EMSO-Açores (GET: V. Chavagnac)
OZCAR/e-LTER Observing the critical zonePartner (GET: L. Boithias)
RESIF – EPOSOperating and maintaining the French seismological and geodetic networkDirector of the National Mobile Gravity Park (S. Bonvalot)
DATA TERRA: TheiaPromoting and facilitating access to Earth observation space data; Develop value-added products for the scientific community and public actors; Network scientists and users to promote French research on a European and international scale.Scientific Committee (GET: L. Kergoat)
DATA TERRA: ForM@TerFacilitating access to data and contributes to the creation of new products and services by adding value to available spatial and in-situ data.Founding Committee (S. Bonvalot)