Forsterite: Scientific training in Internal Earth

Why this formation?

A community of researchers in Earth Sciences is interested in the functioning of the “Internal Earth”: the convective structure of the mantle and relations with the movement of plates, the opening of rifts and the formation of mountain chains, the evolution of this structure, formation of different types of magmas…
These studies call for a large number of techniques and scientific disciplines but the specialized communities remain rather compartmentalized because each of them calls for a specific approach and know-how.
A framework of training courses has therefore been created, of 3-4 days per year. Each session is focused on a specific scientific issue.

How does it work?

It includes high-level pedagogical and scientific courses, focus sessions, excursions, or visits of instruments and is aimed at researchers, teachers, engineers, technicians, and Ph.D. students.
Round tables allow to initiate or pursue discussions on a specific point and promote cross-fertilization between disciplines.
Poster evenings” allow Ph.D. students to continue their training and to integrate into the community.

What are the expectations of this training?

These training workshops allow non-specialists in a given field to better “read” the articles of their colleagues. For engineers and technicians, it is an opportunity to put instrumental developments into perspective and to propose solutions to methodological and technical problems encountered.