Our scientific documentaries

Mercury in comics

The Geosciences Environment Laboratory of Toulouse is pleased to share this short history of mercury in comics. Come and discover this mysterious metal!

The mercury comic is online on the EchoSciences Occitanie website (in French).

(c) Laure Laffont et Anne-Marie Cousin

Partners: Université Paul Sabatier, CNRS et Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées

General public conference

We participate in and organize geological excursions for professionals, high school teachers and/or the general public in partnership with the National Nature Reserve of Geological Interest of the Lot department.

Documentary film

Watch the documentary film on the scientific approach used to study sites contaminated by mining activities (directed by Marie Tiberghien in the framework of the SUDOE Soil-Take-Care project (2016-2019); resp: José Darrozes)


Stefano Salvi explains low technologies…

La Révolution douce, the program that gives voice to the actors of the ecological transition of Radio Campus Toulouse. Discover the episode dedicated to the subject of low technologies and their stakes in a context of dwindling resources.
With Stefano Salvi, geologist and specialist in rare earths, CR CNRS/GET

Stéphanie Duchêne et Olivier Vanderhaeghe talk about geothermal energy…

The Campus FM program Cap sur les labos – Under our feets: an energy for tomorrow
With Stéphanie Duchêne and Olivier Vanderhaeghe, geologists, Pr Université Paul Sabatier/GET