National Observation Services

National Observation Services

Leaders: Jean Riotte & Lucia Séoane

TS – ANO3 : Geodesy and Gravimetry

Gravimetry & Geodesy BGIFacilitate access to gravity data and their exploitation by the international scientific communityInternational1951Host (S. Bonvalot)
EMSO-AçoresStudy lithosphere-hydrosphere and biosphere interaction processes at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field (Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 37°N Atlantic Ocean)France, Portugal2010Partner (GET: V. Chavagnac)
RENAGInstallation and long-term management of a network of permanent GNSS stations for scientific applicationsFrancePartner (GET: A. Santamaria, V. Clouard)

SIC – ANO1 : Critical Zone and continental water

AMMA-CATCHLong-term documentation of climatic and hydrological variability associated with the West African monsoonMali, Nigeria, Benin, Senegal1988Partner (GET: M. Grippa)
DYNALITCharacterizing the functioning of the coastline France, Spain2014Partner (GET: V. Regard)
HYBAMUnderstanding the influence of climatic variability and tectonic forcing on hydro-sedimentary and geochemical alteration dynamics of large tropical hydro-systemsAmazon, Congo, Orinoco and Guyana basins2003Coordinator (J.M. Martinez)
KARSTFederate the current observation and research forces on karst aquifers to compare, mutualize and unify approaches (tools, methods, concepts)France2014Coordinator (D. Labat)
M-TROPICSUnderstanding the relative influence of climate variability and agriculture on water cycles, biogeochemical cycles, and erosion in tropical areasIndia, Cameroon, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand2017Coordinator (L. Boithias)