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The Lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary and the Gutenberg discontinuity: The role of water, CO2 and melt

Salle Pyrénées 14 avenue Édouard Belin, Toulouse

Séminaire de Satish Singh, professeur à l'IPGP Abstract: The plate tectonics theory is based on the concept of a rigid lithospheric plate floating over a weak, deformable and convecting asthenosphere, separated by a boundary termed as the lithosphere-asthenosphere boundary (LAB). Determining the depth and nature of the LAB is fundamental for understanding the formation and […]

Meeting on Krafla Magma Testbed project (drilling of Krafla, Iceland)

Salle Pyrénées 14 avenue Édouard Belin, Toulouse

The workshop concerns discussion/talks about the project of Krafla Magma Testbed. If you are interested to participate and to give your talk/discussion, please, contact Anastassia Borisova and Steve Tait.  We organise this workshop in hybrid format. The Zoom link is available here.

Clocks in igneous rocks

Salle Pyrénées 14 avenue Édouard Belin, Toulouse

Séminaire de Fidel Costa (Professeur à l'IPGP Paris) Understanding the evolution and processes that shape our planet critically depends on the robustness of the absolute ages and process durations obtained from rocks and crystals. Diffusion chronometry now allows to quantify the igneous processes that occur on human timescales, and relate magmatic processes with the monitoring […]