Jérôme GANNE (DR IRD, ER2), Alexandra ROBERT (MC UPS, ER1), Vincent REGARD (MC UPS, ER4)

Scientific objectives

Capturing and analyzing geological signals (long vs short cycles, secular evolution, crises) is a recognized expertise of GET. Crossing these different signals and understanding their interactions (amplification, cancellation, feedback) remains a transverse challenge for our laboratory.

The objective of this axis will be to bring together the major scientific disciplines of the laboratory to address geodynamic issues (multidisciplinary approach, multifactorial analysis), by working on the crossing of scales and the development of a common language.

The disciplines concerned by the themes of the axis are:

  • Tectonics (crust, basins)
  • Geomorphology
  • Sedimentology / paleo-environments / paleo-climates
  • Petro-chronology
  • Geochemistry (oceans, continents)
  • Geo-resources (tracing)
  • Geophysical signals (mantle, crust) combining seismic, gravimetry, and magnetism.
  • Spatial imaging (geodesy, remote sensing, …)
  • Modeling