Projet H2Kola – Hydrogen, reduced gases and rare metals in the Kola peralkaline complexes

funded by ANR H2Kola:  Sources, distribution and fluxes of hydrogen (H2) and associated gases in agpaitic igneous complexes (ISTerre – GET) – Example of the Khibiny and Lovozero nepheline-syenite massifs, Kola Peninsula, Russia: metallogenic and environmental consequence

Leader (GET) S. Salvi

Collaboration ISTerre (Grenoble), GET, KSC (Apatity, Russia)

Objectives: A joint Franco-Russian collaborative H2Kola project aimed at investigating abiotic hydrogen and associated gas migration by taking the Lovozero-Khibiny massifs as a case study, using a multiscale and multi-technics approach. Our ambition is to provide a new integrated source-to-seep view of hydrogen migration in agpaitic geological settings, in geological sources and recent near-surface environments. We will investigate the role that these gases had on critical metals during ore genesis, as well as the current environmental perturbation observed in the region.