Couplages lithosphère – Océan – Atmosphère (LOA)

Scientific objectives

Our research focuses on the coupling between geodynamics (lithosphere deformation and mantle dynamics), surface processes (weathering/ erosion/ transit/ sedimentation), evolution of environments, climates and ancient oceans. Our activities are carried out through multidisciplinary approaches ((bio)geochemistry, marine geosciences, geomorphology, hydrogeology, paleontology, sedimentology, tectonics) combining observation, quantification, experimentation and modeling, from the beginning of the Paleozoic to the present.

Our research themes

Paleo-environments & Paleo-oceanography

How do the dynamics of these continental/oceanic landforms retroact on the evolution of the Earth’s atmosphere (and climate), oceans, paleoenvironments and paleobiodiversity?

Landforms & Fluxes

How do the landforms evolve by erosion and weathering in interaction with climate and dismantle to produce sediments?

Tectonics & Reliefs

What is the effect of geodynamic processes on the deformation of the lithosphere and the construction of topographies on geological time scales?

Our think-tanks