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Romain Guilbaud

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ER6 - Géochimie des Isotopes Stables (GIS)

I am a biogeochemist interested in the chemical evolution of the Earth’s environment. I combine multidisciplinary approaches including field geology, geochemistry (both inorganic and isotopic) and experimental work, in order to address the processes that have shaped the Earth’s surface through geologic time. More specifically, my research interests focus on: 1) The design of experimental protocols addressing key geochemical processes in the environment. I am interested in a range of redox sensitive minerals (Fe sulphides and (oxyhydr)oxides), their nucleation, growth, surface charge chemistry and how they interact with nutrients and metals. 2) The behaviour of “non-traditional” isotope systems (in particular Fe, U) under diagenetic conditions. 3) The development of geochemical tools which allow to evaluate the redox chemistry of ancient environments. 4)The cycling of nutrients and bio-essential metals in modern and ancient oceans, with implications for a co-evolving life.